Payday Advances:

We all know that life doesn’t always go exactly as we have planned.  We have all been there, and we will sooner or later be there again.  Sometimes an unexpected and unplanned event can cause us to need a little extra help until our next paycheck.  Whether it is an auto repair, doctor’s visit, a pet’s vet visit, household repairs, or an unexpected bill that comes due at the absolute worst time, Red D Cash is always there to help!  We have a convenient and hassle free solution.  With our payday advance services we can provide you a short term cash advance that can get you the cash you need and take care of that unexpected expense before your next paycheck.

We are a family-owned business that has been in business for over 19 years.   We have always believed in a “Customer FIRST attitude”.  We value the client relationships we have built over the years.  We believe in the importance of our customers being greeted by name and not just a friendly “hi”.  We also believe in the importance of our customers always “seeing the same face”.  Our customers should not have to deal with a “revolving door” of new employees.  Our current staff has a combined industry experience of over 30 years.

Convenient and fast service are important.  We believe that our customer’s time is as important as ours.  As a result, we maintain adequate staffing so that all of our customers are taken care of as fast as possible, even during the busiest of times on the busiest of days.  It is important that our customers are “in and out” as fast as possible.  We will always treat our customers honestly, quickly, friendly and with understanding.

While our competitors often look for reasons to say “no”, we look for reasons to say “yes”.    We strive to serve our customers and treat all of our customers with respect and care.  When our competitors make you go through hassles and hurdles like credit bureau credit checks, various employment and bank account verifications, we instead believe in treating you as we would like to be treated.  You tell us you are employed.  We believe you.  We will not call your employer to verify employment like many of our competitors.  All we need is your most recent paystub with year to date earnings.  We understand that this is a personal financial matter and your employer does not necessarily need to be involved.  You say you have an active and open checking account.  We believe you.  We are here to help, understand, and get you in and out as fast as possible.    We know your time is valuable, and we believe that our customer’s time is just as important as ours.  We all have enough hassles in life, and we don’t want you standing in line waiting for your money.  We get you the cash you need—fast and hassle free.

Just bring in your recent paystub, your recent bank statement, and your state issued photo ID, and we will get you in and out quickly.  At Red D Cash, we are here to help and serve our customers.

We also have the ONLY Drive-thru location in Lincoln which makes it easy and convenient for you to get the cash you need.  During the cold winter months, getting out of the car can be an extra hassle.  We try to eliminate these type of hassles.

Check Cashing:

You have been waiting all week for your paycheck, 401K check, insurance check, or tax check and today is FINALLY the day you get it.  The mail has arrived and you now have your check. That was the easy part……….       You go to the bank to cash the check, and they want to put a “hold” on your check even though it is your money.  We know what it is like to stand in line for 30 minutes only to be told “no”.   Or the only place that says: “yes we can” requires a couple of hours and also wants to charge you a fee twice that of the other places that have told you “no”.

We believe that you have worked hard and have earned your money whether it is your paycheck, insurance check, tax check etc.  We come from the belief that every check is good until proven otherwise.  We will be upfront and honest in what we need from you in order to cash your check.  We can cash almost all checks in a matter of minutes.  We provide adequate staffing so you don’t have to wait in line for an hour just to get your hard earned money.

Gift Card Purchasing:

There is sometimes nothing more annoying than having a gift card in your purse or wallet, but there is nothing at the store you want to buy.  So there it sits!  Money on a gift card you will never use or may expire before you think of using it.   Or you purchased a product at a store and then decided it wasn’t for you and instead of that store giving you cash back, they issued you a return merchandise card.   YOUR funds are sitting aimlessly on a store card that you will most likely never use or may lose.  We can and will turn that gift card/return merchandise card into cash for you in a matter of minutes.  No hassle.  No 3rd degree.  We offer one of the most competitive payouts in our area.  We purchase gift cards from as many as 400 different companies.  Come check us out and turn those cards into cash quickly.

Gold and Silver Purchasing:

We all have that particular piece of jewelry that you purchased in your youth.  A piece that at the time was at the height of fashion.  Years later it sits in your drawer, showing its age and could not be more out of style.  Or it might be a piece that you were given and now has lost its meaning in your life.  You may even have a piece that was damaged, and the cost to restore it is more than what it is worth.

Red D Cash can turn that unwanted, broken or discarded piece of jewelry into cash for you in a matter of minutes.  We are your local answer.   We weigh and verify your gold or silver pieces right in front of your eyes.  Your jewelry never leaves your sight, allowing you to stay in control and receive your cash fast.  We offer one of the most competitive payouts, and we will give you CASH on the spot.  No waiting.  No more Fees.

Pre-Paid Debit Cards:

If you need to pay a bill online, over the phone, or make a purchase online or electronically and you don’t have a conventional bank check/debit card, we offer a competitive alternative.  You can have your paycheck direct deposited or any cash loaded directly onto the card.  If you are tired of having to cash your check, waiting in line and the worry of carrying cash, come in and try one of our pre-paid debit cards.   One of the best benefits of the card is that you will never have to worry about an overdraft fee or NSF fee.

Unlike some of our competitors, there is no monthly service fee as long as you use your card.  You can also have your tax returns direct deposited on your debit card.  Why pay the outrageous fees associated with a R.A.L. rapid refund tax return check and then have to pay a check cashing fee just to get your hard earned income tax refund sooner.  Have your tax refund direct deposited.  You can get the entire amount of your refund and get it fast when you e-file your taxes and have your refund direct deposited onto our debit card.

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