Payday Advances

We all know that life doesn’t always go exactly as we have planned. Sometimes an unexpected and unplanned event can cause us to need a little extra help until our next paycheck. Whether it is an auto repair, doctor’s visit, a pet’s vet visit, household repairs, or an unexpected bill that comes due at the absolute worst time, Red D Cash is always there to help! We have a convenient and hassle free solution. With our payday advance services we can provide you a short term cash advance that can get you the cash you need and take care of that unexpected expense BEFORE your next paycheck.

While our competitors often look for reasons to say “no”, we look for reasons to say “yes”. Just bring in your recent pay stub, your recent bank statement, and your state issued photo ID, and we will get you in and out quickly. At Red D Cash, we are here to help and serve our customers.

We also have the ONLY Drive-thru location in Lincoln which makes it easy and convenient for you to get the cash you need.  During the cold winter months, getting out of the car can be an extra hassle.  We try to eliminate these type of hassles.

How It Works

We are happy to “advance” you cash on the spot in anticipation of your next payday. In turn you write us a personal check that we hold until a mutually agreed upon day.  We take into account various information that you provide to us such as your net pay, length of employment and banking information to determine your qualifications for a payday advance amount. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not believe in a rigid “one size fits all” protocol to advance you the cash you need until your next payday.  We look at every person or situation individually because we believe that every person and person’s situation is different and unique.  Again, we look for reasons to say “yes” when others continually say “no”.

Required Documents

  1. Most recent paystub
  2. Most recent bank statement
  3. State issued photo i.d.
  4. Personal check

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